crafting ideas together

What is simplelab?

The simplelab is an ideation nest in which companies and teams can emerge to re-generate their creative thinking.
It helps them evolve thanks to a 3 steps methodology and get a new angle to settle their long term vision.

1. teamstorm

Often, teams have plenty of ideas they either can’t formulate or refrain. The Teamstorm is an ideation process which generates a very large number of concepts and ideas. We investigate into accumulated knowledge like you would search into a kitchen to find all possible ingredients to build a new recipe.
The TeamStorm is a collaborative process helping the team building process as ideas are produced, shared and owned by the team.

Keywords: ideation, discovery, jam, intuition, knowledge, inspiration

2. prototype

Once ideas are generated we create an interactive process to explore the best ideas. We rapidly start to design and prototype the team’s ideas to create an unprecedented recipe. The visualization phase is really important as it gives birth to rough concepts and helps the team refine and evolve it. In this phase storytelling and user experience is key. The team improves the designs iteratively, analyzing and exploring the various possibilities

: iteration, design, storyboard, user experience, visualization

3. challenge

This ultimate phase helps challenge the concept radically. We «bullet proof» the idea taking opposite perspective, radical options, confrontation postures to make sure we considered all options, and taste the idea to make sure it feels good. Thanks to personae approach we validate the idea, refine, improve, test and finalize all the concept for the project to start.

Keywords: survey, critique, improve, challenge, vision



Companies have no other alternative but to create value. Competing only on price isn’t a reasonable and sustainable anymore.

Companies need to elaborate on their values to inspire and to build innovative products or services which will result in consumer engagement as the brand will do things that matter to them.

To create this WOW Experience, you need an expert team in user experience, engagement marketing and design.

You need a simplelab.


Who is it for?


Helps entrepreneurs define their vision & strategy, consolidating their brands strenghts and capitalizing on their internal culture.


For teams in need of innovation. It will blow a fresh breath of creative thinking and methodology to elaborate more creative and 360° approaches.



For small like large companies who understand strong marketing foundations and creative approach are their best ally.


For communication & marketing teams who need to evolve their brand, positioning and portfolio thinking in a creative way.


What's in it for you?

Through various workshops, we elaborate on each of your branding or strategic issues. Thanks to a fun and visual methodology and to tools specically developped to stir your imagination, we help you define your "WOW experience".

What's in it for you?
Each workshop has its specifics but you will come out with an action plan indicating your main milestones, recommandations and an executive summary of the take overs.


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